Human beings are a social species that get smart by hanging around smart people – NY Times blog

The investment of producing a live event should have a huge payoff.

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We solve communications problems by connecting people through events . . .

The growth of online social channels is changing the way your people interact. There’s nothing that beats the live experience,” says Jim Kelley, Vice President of Industry Relations at PRG. “Face-to-face engagement is where the rubber meets the road, where you really start driving positive outcomes. Human beings like to be engaged with other human beings.”

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Our Team

Designers, A/V technical experts, content producers

Live events are powerful because they provide a caliber and quality of experience that digital mediums lack, one that is rooted in the “real.” A “real” life experience, especially one with others, is now a type of novelty, since we live so much of our routine lives alone in digital domains. – J. Kelley

Our Team

Event Services

Event production requires a mindset that embraces adrenaline and is committed to preparedness.

The rehearsals must go smoothly. The event must start on-time. The microphone must work. The audience must be engaged.

Fully Customized

We learn how to honor the brand, culture and people attending every event.

Event Promotion

Make sure your audience wants to be at your event and knows what to expect.

Content Development

Our design team will create your presentation templates, produce the presentation and develop video content that communicates powerfully.

A/V Design and Fulfillment

No matter the configuration, our national partners produce customized events employing the best personnel and gear.

Video Coverage

Repurpose all the content of your event by capturing it with video.


Make your event accessible to remote audiences bring presenters “into” your live event through broadcast technology.

“Ted is a consummate professional and extremely focused on serving the customer. He is highly experienced in all aspects of audio visual production and staging, as well as thinking through the right media mix to achieve the strategic communications objective.”

Brian Martin

Avon Products/Thomson Reuters


“Ted knows his stuff. We used Ted for a number of projects over the years at Thomson and Thomson Reuters. Be the project a "simple" global earnings discussion with 200 employees or a major senior executive conference, his calm demeanor, can-do attitude and deep knowledge of technology solutions were always something we could count on. I heartily recommend him.”

Jay Spach

Jay Spach Consulting

Jay Spach Consulting

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