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Employee Engagement

Reach out to the people of your organization in a new and exciting way

The health of an organization is inextricably tied to how motivated and informed their employees are. Video is a powerful tool that helps everyone be on the same page.


This leader in information services was looking to move to an open workspace environment. This would require a massive change in how employees would work together. We produced this video that was rolled out to each location just prior to unveiling of the new workspace. On Day One of each new installation the employees knew how to work smarter in this new configuration.

Corporate Communications

This large grocery chain is constantly rolling out new initiatives to their vast network of stores and associates. Customized versions of each message needed to be tailored to their separate divisions. We interviewed their associates in four locations and had them tell the story to the rest of their organizations about how effective these changes to their operations are. We weaved those interviews into compelling stories that helped change their culture.

Executive Communications

Make a memorable impact

Executives lead the way with effective communications. These samples show one of the ways executives have used video to inspire audiences.

New product introduction

Executives have many roles to play on a day to day basis. One of the roles that the leaders of this beauty market leader is to represent the company at press events to launch new product. This doesn’t happen every day and can be a genuine struggle to prepare for. This new product video was used to set an exciting tone at each global press event and tell the story of this innovative product in a compelling way.

Sports Marketing

This leader in information services has a robust sports marketing program. The executives are fully supportive of these initiatives but are dependent on video to set the scene to celebrate how their sponsored teams are performing. We were invited to work with ESPN’s Gary Jobson to produce this exciting video promoting the company’s sponsorship of a yacht race.

Marketing Content

Use videos to drive sales

After watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online. That’s just one of the many benefits of using video in email campaigns, social media posts, landing pages and websites.

Product Demonstration

This fast growing Inc 1000 company is using video to demonstrate their product offering inside of a highly targeted marketing plan. Being a small business they are constantly looking for ways to be lean in their operation and to have content that demonstrates the strength of their product line. This particular product is difficult to move and setup for demonstration so, video is the perfect vehicle to generate interest and sales.

Product Features

This modular construction company has a unique product offering that many customers have difficulty understanding. Printed materials and their website can help demonstrate the highly customizable product offering they have but, seeing how the homes are constructed and why they are such a great value could only be demonstrated with video.

Non-Profit Awareness

Share your stories with the world

Stories told through video are powerful ways to help non-profits demonstrate the incredible work they do to serve their communities.

Message of Hope

Pastors and their staff are kept very busy serving the needs of their congregation. They also have a strong desire to serve their local community but are limited in time and resources to do that. This close-knit Connecticut church family is using video to help give a clear message of hope through their app, website and social media channels.

We Are Better Together

This umbrella ministry is serving the inner-city needs of Danbury, CT. They have such a wide spectrum of services that they’re often asked to present what they’re doing to new audiences in the community. Using video allows them to help their audiences understand the power of working together.

Technical Sales

Up your trade show and presentation game

High tech companies and manufacturers are using video to help educate their sales force and provide them with a tool to demonstrate their product offerings in the marketplace.

The Power of Animation

This inventive manufacturer uses 3D animated video and videography of their large machines to bring new products to the marketplace. The videos are used in trade shows and sales presentations where it is impossible to bring the actual product to demonstrate.

Pre-sales Activity

This innovative manufacturer uses 3D animated video to present their products to their market before a prototype is even available. This pre-sales activity helps their salesforce to have the same messaging for their presentations and gives them a strong tool to demonstrate their product offerings.

“Ted is a consummate professional and extremely focused on serving the customer. He is highly experienced in all aspects of audio visual production and staging, as well as thinking through the right media mix to achieve the strategic communications objective.”

Brian Martin

Thomson Reuters and Avon Products


“Ted has the ability to take a message and coalesce the bits and pieces into a focused whole and deliver the content in a manner which is understood, can be related to and is compelling. I highly recommend his services. If you have a message you want conveyed, or if you have not fully formulated the message Ted will help you.”

Ted Huizinga

Eastern Mechanical Services, Inc

EMS Inc.


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