Communicate your ideas well and you will earn trust to continue building the relationship.– Sean Low,

Glossophobia (the fear of public speaking) can be overcome with a great presentation.

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What We Do

We solve communications problems by connecting people through presentations . . .

In business, it is essentially important for you to be able to get your point across. It is likely that all of us will one day have to speak in public. We help you communicate with compelling logic, design and creativity so you can gain influence and engage your audience with your story.

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Executive Communications Executive Communications
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Our Team

Strategists, storytellers, designers and animators.

We pride ourselves in having a co-creative design environment with our clients. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

Our Team

Production Services

Want to leave a lasting impression? Take your presentation to the next level.

Every client we’ve worked with has a story to tell. From sales pitches to reports and general presentations. We have helped them tell that tale in the most compelling, relevant, and professional manner possible.


We are students of story-telling and have developed a list of best practices that will help you achieve your vision.


Tired of the same‐old presentations? We can give your company decks a contemporary look and feel, or design a new theme that complements your brand’s message and identity.


You don’t have to do all of the talking. Our team can integrate your existing video content or create a custom production that drives your point home.


This isn’t motion just for motion’s sake. A great design principle we employ is that form follows function.

Presentation Management

We don’t just customize presentations, we have a cloud-based presentation management platform that assists corporations with the distribution and control of their slides within the enterprise.


The take-aways of any presentation are essential. These marketing materials add unique value to your presentation and share your message beyond the screen.

“Ted can take a message and coalesce the bits and pieces into a focused whole and deliver the content in a manner which is understood, can be related to and is compelling.”

Ted Huizinga

Eastern Mechanical Services

EMS Inc.

“I have, through the years, repeatedly witnessed Teds work and have been extremely impressed by the quality, the creativity exhibited in his products, and the attention to his clients needs .His passion for his work was always evident.”

Nereyda Luna Bottoms

NLB Consulting

NLB Consulting

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