1 minute of video = 1.8 million words – Dr. James McQuivey

Video builds trust and can explain everything.


What We Do

We solve communications problems by connecting people through video . . .

The growth of online video is changing the way your business operates. We help you engage your employees, improve your executive communications programs, get more content out to digital channels to market your business, provide tools for your sales force to land new business and tell the stories of how your non-profit organization is changing the world.

Employee Engagement
Executive Communications
Marketing Content
Non-Profit Awareness
Technical Sales

Our Team

Video strategists, directors and videographers—writers, designers and editors

Video is a great tool for learning but it’s also super easy to consume. Today’s life is too busy to have time to read long product descriptions or dig deep into services. The modern customer wants to see the product in action. This is one of the most important driving forces of video advertising. – Liis Hainla,

Our Team

Production Services

Ever stay for the credits at the end of your favorite film? It takes a great team to produce great results.

The preparation must be thorough. The plan must be clear. The filming needs to be done right the first time. The audience must be engaged.

Fully Customized

From start to finish, we develop your high-impact video to speak to the world. Increasing brand-awareness and effectively conveying your unique message.

Video Editing

Bringing life to the creative concept with artistic precision. Providing you with the highest quality product, quickly and effectively.

Translation Services

Professional voice-overs, dubbing and subtitles in every language. In today's global economy, translations allow you to conduct business in any language.

Professional Videography

Getting the best looking shot on camera is an art form. Our professional camera technicians are trained to capture the scene with precision.

Sound Design

A beautiful soundtrack enhances the visual experience. We record and create our own sounds to make every project unique.

Closed Captioning and Subtitles

Providing equal access to your masterpiece. We provide the highest-quality captions in the most efficient manner possible.

Custom Music

Music scored specifically for your film is another story entirely. Music can evoke emotions and bring another dimension to your video.

Video Distribution

Reach more people in more ways. Online, offline and via video mailers, we have a wide number of delivery options available.

“Ted is creative. His out-of-the-box thinking is years ahead of the norm. Always has been. Always will be. We were doing things 15 years ago that many companies today think they have discovered. He is a fountain of ideas. Importantly, he has the skill and experience to shape those ideas into reality.”

Jim Donahue

Strongpoint Marketing

Strong Point

“Ted is a true professional. He and his team are well prepared, fun to work with and highly creative from beginning to end. He made me feel very comfortable in front of the camera and our results are better than I had hoped. He notices all of the important details and makes sure the videos are exactly what you are looking for.”

Rochelle Carrington

Sandler Training


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